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INNOLABZ VENTURES PVT. LTD is a leading 360-degree research, technology and consulting company having a ast network of professionals from multiple domains and geographies, having expertise and experience in their respective domains. Innolabz is a gen-z organisation aiming at bridging the gap between the industry and the talent We focus on the 3 E Mantra and are constantly working on Exploration, Experimentation and Employability. We believe in creating a sustainable Ecosystem, of the people, by the people and for the people.


As the needs of the industry are evolving and advancing, the academia shall brace up for the changes in workforce demand. To fulfill the changing yet increasing demand, InnoLabZ trains candidates to become purple squirrels by enhancing their employability.


With a shift in the industrial innovation, there has been a surge in the number of young entrepreneurs. To strengthen the business-ecosystem, InnoLabZ supports the emerging business and startups by training them in entrepreneurial skills. Apart from developing skills in latest business tools, InnoLabZ also provides one stop solution for all business needs such as web/UI/UX designing, digital marketing, legal & other compliances, virtual sales, etc.


InnoLabZ excessively focuses on exploration which leads to innovation. The exploration team is continually designing the learning and development initiatives. These initiatives would strengthen the business ecosystem by imparting necessary industry-skills.


In the contemporary, where competition is at every level, it is very important to make career choices with great intelligence and dexterity. A single mistake and you have to feel repentant about it for the rest of your life. Comprehending the same, we at INNOLABZ, came up with the idea of Power2Career program in which we train the graduates as per the emerging and present-day job prerequisites.

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A platform for startups to find the right resources for their venture in terms of knowledge, network and capital. Also, utilizing them for the growth of the organiation using the shared services provided by our partner network.

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A great program for the promising young entrepreneurs, Power2Idea is basically an entrepreneurship development program that is aimed to transform the vivid dreams of the budding entrepreneurs into a living reality. With the help of well-experienced and highly adroit trainers and experts, the rising entrepreneurs are edified with the fundamentals of business and everything important that it takes to become a successful and renowned entrepreneur.

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What We Do

Creative Sustainable Ecosystem

We are working towards creating a sustainable ecosystem by the people, of the people and for the people. We wish to create an ecosystem that uplifts society by creating opportunities.

Empowering Gen-Z

Our primary objective is to cater to the needs of Gen-Z. We emphasize constant experimentation and empowering the youth.

Nurturing Innovation

As our name suggests, innovation.is our backbone. We at Innolabz, are constantly focusing on innovation as a tool to solve problems and to inspire society.

Developing Entrepreneurship

We encourage opportunities and creators of opportunities. We strive to solve startup problems, motivate entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship. Our vertical. Power 2 Startup is a one-stop destination for all startup needs.

Group Companies & Incubatees

Glorify Hotels

Glorify Hotels and Resorts is our project in the hospitality sector. We are a one-stop solution for all our clients. Under Glorify Hotels and Resorts we aim to cater the best hospitality services in the market. We also offer management solutions to the market.

Mandi House

Mandi House is an organic produce store. We work on the “Farm to Folk” Model. The project focuses on eliminating middlemen and provides organic products to the customers without any hassle. With consistent research and improvisation, we aim at providing the best services to all parties.


Dé-Influenza is the bridge between social media influencers and prospective brands. With this project we wish to create a community where brands can easily reach out to influencers for the promotion and Influencers can broaden their reach in the industry too.

Asimiti Aayurgavya

Aayurgavya is our effort to bridge the gap between ‘Panchagavya’ and the potential customers. The project focuses on Education, Research and Practise. Aayurgavya will lessen the gap between the rural and urban India and help Ayurveda reach every doorstep.

Quirky Naari

Quirky Naari is our Bohemian project, offering the most trending and upbeat prints on the Internet. The project specializes in custom shoes. Quirky Naari added a feather in its cap when its prints seen in the Bigg Boss House.



Ready for challenges? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Innolabz Ventures is a Gen-Z organisations that will help you not only polish your skills but also build an enriching experience. So, if you have the passion to perform, patience to survive and persistence to never stop, Join us!


To create a collaborative ecosystem which is self sustaining through advancing education and developing entrepreneurship.


Our Vision is to be a global platform of choice for all research, strategy and business development by offering personalized solution to every business.

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